Ignorance In Daniel Keyes Flowers For Algernon

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For Charlie Gordon being smart is all he wants,or so he thinks, Charlie has wanted to be smart for so long for so many reasons. In Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes Charlie learns that if you do not know then do not worry about it. After Charlie had an operation to gain his intelligence, the most important lesson Charlie learns is that ignorance is bliss. Charlie learns the lesson of ignorance is bliss through his friendships, situations, and his conclusions he has drawn in his writings.
Firstly Charlie's relationships,friendships change from before the operation and after the operation, show ignorance is bliss. Before the operation Charlie had friends from the factory , their names were Frank, and Joe. Charlie thought that his friends were
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In progress report 11 when Charlie takes Miss. Kinnian out to dinner , Charlie sees that before the operation that he and Miss Kinnian were just friends but after the operation that he loves Miss Kinnian. Charlie sees that ignorance is bliss we he sees that he loves Miss Kinnian. In progress report 11 Charlie says”I'm in love with Miss Kinnian. That makes Charlie really excited . He thinks she might like him too. Secondly through Charlie’s situations he learns that ignorance is bliss by seeing the petition for him to leave his job. If he had not got the operation then he would have never known that almost everybody in the factory but one person wanted him to leave and quit his job. Ignorance is bliss is shown because Charlie does not understand why they want him gone or why they did not like him. That made Charlie sad, Charlie was fired that day and later that same day Charlie made a new friend. His new friend was Fanny she was the only person at work who did not sign the petition . It made Charlie feel good that there was someone who did not think that he should be fired. That there was someone that thought he should have the right to
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