Ignorance In Fahrenheit 451

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Could Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury be showing us the future? Will the world become ignorant and unwilling to learn? Only the future can tell. But could people be able to stop it before it stops. The novel demonstrates the importance of knowledge, history, and education. Many of the fictional characters in the book Fahrenheit 451 written by Ray Bradbury, decide to be ignorant to what is going on around them where their are few people that decide to contain knowledge to know the difference in what is right and what is wrong they can realize what it happening around them. The citizens in the dystopian world are all oblivious to what happening it is because the government is drilling into their mind and telling them what is right and what is…show more content…
The thought to be the few who are able to think for themselves. Are one of a kind in society they are the fugitives hunted down like murders. Most of these people are scholars from harvard they are all in hiding because the world is out to get them because the government is scared of what they can do these people are exceptional. They stand for those who can not think and stand up for what they believe in something people wish they could do. They are a rebellion since they think about things the government wants no one to realize. They realize how that what everyone one else is doing the wrong thing. Whereas others are stuck in the horrible life they live in not being able to do much but watch T.V . One time Montag brought out a book to show his wife Mildred’s friends even though he knows it could get sent to jail and plus it made one of the girls upset and she cried. “You reading up on the fireman theory? Theory hell said montag, it’s poetry”(94) said Montag. This show how much he really cares about how he feels and that people need books that he was able to read one to people that did not even believe the ways he had.He ran from authorities and met up with this camp where this each had to care for and protect a book of their choice. It all shows that they are not ignorant they willing to put themselves in troubles just to help some of his wife 's
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