Ignorance In George Orwell's 'Allegory Of The Cave'

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Maria Soria Mr. Lovett

English 111

16 September 2015

Ignorance is almost the same as being in a Cave for too long

Being in a cave for one day may make us feel like we are in peace or it may make us feel

like we are disconnected from the world. One week in a cave can makes us feel as primitives

with no knowledge of what civilization its doing. One month or years would make us feel like

prisoners. In Allegory of the Cave what happens kids or prisoners grew up in Cave where all

they could see was they own shadows

In allegory the Cave we see a Cave where prisoners have been there since they were kids.

This prisoners had no Idea of how the actual world was revolving, the only thing they could see

Was their own shadows and the
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Having just one game for a life time could be frustrating, could

Even make prisoners go crazy. That’s the reason why one of the prisoners decided to scape.

When he finally gets out of the cave he thinks everything is unreal, he is surprise of all the

Things he sees outside the cave. Later on he learns to understand his new world and he notices

The sun is a source of life and he goes from having so much ignorance to an intellectual journey

where he discovers beauty and meaning. Since he has knowledge of what he lived inside the

cave and the difference after he got out. He is wiser and he puts his knowledge in practice.

Having all this new knowledge makes him have the feeling of wanting to go back to the cave, to

Inform prisoners of all the good and bad things there are outside, to inform that there is a bigger

World outside those four walls.

“How could they see anything but shadows if they were never allow to move their heads?” This quote doesn’t have to be literally physically. But it can also mean that the
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