Ignorance In Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner

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In the novel, “The Kite Runner,” by Khaled Hosseini, the imbalance in Hassan and Amir's relationship is obvious throughout the content. Amir regularly utilized his knowledge as a way to criticize Hassan. Hassan's insight is self-evident, however, his absence of schooling implied that he was ignorant and incapable to gain the delight of perusing, instead, he needed to depend on Amir as the reader. As the writer states that Amir’s malevolence gets to be obvious through his part where he states that his favorite part of reading to Hassan was when he didn’t know the meaning of the big words. “I’d tease him, expose his ignorance. One time I was reading him ..‘Still, I don’t know it.’” (Hosseini 22.4) This shows Amir’s cruel behavior towards Hassan.…show more content…
The most remarkable part of the occurrence is when Assef asks Amir how can he even call Hassan his ‘friend’ since Hassan is known as Hazara and the voice in Amir’s mind answers, “But he’s not my friend! I almost blurted. He’s my servant! Had I really thought of that?” (Hosseini 33.5) So far in the resulting minutes, Hassan mediates, guarding the frightful Amir from a beating with Knuckle reinforcements. It cannot be denied that Amir realizes that Hassan would safeguard him, yet his reactionary remark about Hassan being his maid highlights Amir’s weakness as well as his misuse of Hassan. Assef later examines Hassan’s faithfulness to Amir during the kite race in the winter of 1978. Where Amir, is eager for to win his dad's fondness shows that he will win the kite race, however, he cannot do as such without the assistance of Hassan. Hassan faithfully runs the kite for Amir, fulfilling the promise he made to Amir that anything for him even a ‘thousand times over.’ It is Hassan’s strength of character to help Amir complete his wish to satisfy Baba that prompts his assault. Whereas running the kite Assef threaten Hassan with his companions who tries to take the kite. Hassan’s denial of handing over the kite caused mercilessly attack and assault by Assef and his evil friends. This occurrence not only proves amazing bravery of Hassan but also shows weakness of Amir, who watched the incident and kept…show more content…
Would he do the same with you… him you are nothing but an ugly pet.” (Movie: The Kite Runner Alley Scene). The selfish nature of Amir is shown throughout the story. He abused Hassan’s loyalty and friendship. Amir believed that the only way out of the self-guilt of Hassan's assault is removing Hassan out of the house. Amir's guilty feeling was fuelled by the conviction that, "When I came down for breakfast, everywhere I turned; I saw signs of his loyalty, his goddamn unwavering loyalty." (Hosseini 74.8) Thus, Amir hides most of his birthday presents under Hassan’s pillow and blames him for taking them. In that way, Amir uses Hassan's faithfulness for his plan to work. “Then I understood: This was Hassan's final sacrifice for me. He knew I had betrayed him and yet he was rescuing me once again,..the last time." (Hosseini 89-90.9) After this act of Amir’s the reader’s pity for Hassan develops, as does their hatred towards Amir. This occurrence, in spite of the shame Amir bears throughout his life, shows Amir's misuse of Hassan for his own
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