Ignorance In Lord Of The Flies

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Innocent in the beginning, until you notice implications on society, both the novels To Kill a Mockingbird & The Lord Of The Flies, the characters begin to embark on obstacles, the darkness within themselves began to show heavily in many of the scenes in the books. The adolescents in the novels began to notice crime within their community, these crimes either killed or left behind the antagonist, as the protagonist escaped the obstacle given. The crimes in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, caused Jem and Scout to become vulnerable to insults of their father, themselves, and many people in the community that agreed with their choices. The crimes in the novel The Lord of The Flies, were due to the choice of leadership, murders, and the idea…show more content…
In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, ignorance is noticed when Atticus starts defending Tom Robinson, Bob Ewell attacking the children, and they begin a game to mock Boo Radley. The neighborhood starts shunning Atticus, as a result the children get teased and they get attacked by some people of the community. If the ignorance of the neighborhood caused the children to get bullied, then the darkness within the characters were exposed. Jem, Scout, and Dill played a game tormenting how they believed Author Radley was, this embarks the ignorance the children had. In the novel The Lord of The Flies, ignorance is shown in a variety of ways. Ignorance is noticed when the children elect a "democracy", they realize there is a "beast", it is also shown through the sides the children picked at the end of the story. Ralph was elected as leader of the group, which caused tension between him and Jack, this caused significant dislike of the two. The "beast" caused ignorance throughout the group of boys, which led to the killings of Simon and The Twins. In the middle of the novel many of the boys that followed the rules and regulations, began to lean towards the governing of Jack. Due to this their personality changed, they became reckless, uncontrollable, and killing machines. Ignorance causes bullying, in To Kill a Mockingbird the Finch Family was tormented and persecuted by the community’s people. If the characters in the novel were tormented in this novel because of supporting another race, then we can conclude in modern day the same is happening in different parts of the world. In The Lord of The Flies, bullying took place when Jack decides to overrule Ralph and the other boys begin to join in alliance with him. As a consequence, Jack and the other boys start murdering and their personality begins to change. Ignorance also causes death, in the novel
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