Ignorance In M. T Anderson's Feed

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Anyone would grow tired of the depressing truth, so blissful ignorance sounds like a great alternative. M.T. Anderson’s Feed goes through the stages of ignorance to truth. The effect of knowledge is ever lasting, the border is an anxious waste land, and not having a clue seems like heaven. Titus was a victim of Violet’s truth. He was “...picturing… [her] ...dead already…”(269) when she was coming on to him. If he didn’t know about Violet’s rapidly approaching death, he might not have rejected her advances or have been depressed for the last three-quarters of the book. Violet might have saved herself if she didn’t go “...to the moon during spring break…”(269) and get hacked. Her curiosity ultimately triggered her death, along with her need…show more content…
When Violet’s father makes a eloi reference, Titus got “...so sick of…”(291) everyone not giving him straight answers that he eventually blows up. If her dad hadn’t brought it up in the first place they wouldn’t have had a scream fest and an emotional break down. False information is just as bad as being on the fence. Violet had thought that her “...chat and messaging…”(258) was malfunctioning, because Titus had supposedly not received any of messages. Her erotic behavior and their fallout might not have happened if she didn’t believe that the end was growing closer. Lies and anxiously waiting can really trigger bad things. Being oblivious to the world’s problems sounds amazing. Everything is a mystery and you can just stand “...there wondering, what it was that…”(14) makes the world beautiful. Those were Titus’s initial thought on Violet ad that was before he knew how problematic life really was. When at the clue, Titus and his friends came across a mysterious man with “...his eyes… wide, like he was in mal…” and were intuitive enough to steer clear of him. They were having a good time, real issues unknown to them, and they were suddenly pushed into a harsh and hacked
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