Ignorance In 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's'

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Sometimes people don’t see how their actions will affect their consequences. Norma did not understand the consequences of her actions until she got a phone call from the hospital saying her husband died. Norma’s evolving decision to press the button, (when she initially declines it but is still intrigued, when she calls Mr. Steward for more information, and when she finally presses the button,) shows that ignorance can cause one to disregard values and morales. Initially, Norma declines Mr. Steward’s offer due to Athur being persistent about the moral values she would no longer be following. Although she is still captivated by the offer, she is still ignorant and does not know what she is getting herself into. “‘It offends me,’ Arthur said.‘I know, but’-Norma rolled another curler in her hair ’doesn't it intrigue you, too?’” (Matheson 44). This quote demonstrates the beginning of the transformation of Norma’s opinion of the box and the ignorance to the immoral decision she will eventually make. At first, she is not willing to push the button but is still consumed by why someone asked her to complete the task. However, Arthur keeps her in check and assures her she would be doing the wrong thing if she accepted his offer. Gradually,…show more content…
She once believed in the morales she had, but when temptation and intriguing offers come into play, Norma presses the button. This causes her to forget the drastic consequences behind a straightforward but precarious task. By following Norma as a character in the story, we see how Norma will soon to change when money is the central point in her life to make or break. Norma and Arthur show huge contrasts between the ends of the theme ignorance. As a person like Arthur who is grateful, Norma highlights points in the text that foreshadow the forgetfulness of her life. Yet, the question is frequently asked, do you really know the people around
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