Ignorance In The Philippines

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“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” says George Santayana. History does not repeat by its own but with the help of those who do not learn or do not want to remember. Ignorance is never an excuse for a person to not know his/her own history due to the vast amount of resources publicly available, from internet sources to newspapers from different libraries. For the past two decades, the same problems have come to haunt the Philippines such as traffic, road rage, shooting, and the most prevalent of them all during September 1997 which still exist today are hunger for power and corruption. It was interesting to find news articles about the nightmare of Metro Manila traffic in Philippine Star dated back to 1997 which included complains about the inefficient public transportation of the Philippines such as the dirty old jeepneys and LRTs with only few rail lines. Furthermore, the article talked about how traffic affected the country’s economic growth as well as increased road rage and some even led to murder. It also provided a case last year of a senior police officer shooting a businessman due to an argument on traffic jam. Seems familiar? All these cases still apply in the country today as if no change has happened in the course of 20 years. The most prevailing headline during this time was the anti-charter change rally to be spearheaded by the former president Corazon Aquino and Manila Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin on September 21 in Luneta Park.
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