Ignorance In The Short Story 'The Leaving' By Budge Wilson

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Ignorance is Not Bliss There are times in life when people say we need to be grateful for what we have. I like to believe that I am always grateful for what I have all the time; however, that is not true. Sometimes the most important things we should be grateful for are the things we take advantage of and due to our ignorance, we do not realize how thankful we should be with our arrangement until it is taken away. This ignorance can be seen in the story “The Leaving” by Budge Wilson. In this short story, Sylvie’s father, Lester, has shown that he clearly does not treat his wife, Elizabeth, properly as he has said, “‘How come my supper’s not ready, woman?’ ‘Move smart, woman! I’m pressed fer time!’... ‘This food ain’t fit t’eat, woman. Take…show more content…
An example would be for a month, my mother decided to go to China for her own enjoyment. Since she was the only person who normally cooked and cleaned the house, when she left, her responsibilities all came crashing down onto my brother and I. On school days, I discovered that I could not keep up with balancing homework and cooking every day. Another discovery I made is that my brother was not as helpful as he could have been either. There were times when I felt completely fed up with him; especially when it came to making the lunches because he would always wake up late despite me telling him to wake up earlier to help. My experience is similar to the story since in both cases, women are expected to cook food for the rest of the family. Also, in both cases, the person we relied on left the house and the rest of the family was exposed to a new situation and had to figure out a way to continue through their daily lives without the help of the person that left. After that, we gain a sense that we should not always take someone’s actions for granted and we should show more gratitude to the person who has done many things for us. In conclusion, we might not always know what we should be grateful towards, but when it comes to the people who are always there for us, we should at least let them know in one way or
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