Ignorance Of Power Essay

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People these days can be hypocritical telling other people they can 't do something ,and turn around and do it themselves. Some people don 't care that their ignorance of the law destroys others rights. As the government becomes less laissez faire; they gain more power over everyday life and strip people of their freedoms and rights. Overtime each individual within the population slowly losing their individual rights, and in turn the whole population weakens in power.Raised to be ignorant of their own right ignorant people will raise other people ignorant of their rights as well. Many people in today 's society worry about what other people do, the effects of worrying about what other people do less freedom, conformity, and close-minded. The government is too involved and everyday society; taking away our normal freedoms. The government creates more and more laws limit what we can sell and what we can buy. The government creates laws to protect one religion while claiming to be accepting of all other religions. Even other citizens whose ignorance of the law let them believe they are above all others opinions,and attempt to force their ideals on others. Their hypocritical beliefs strip others around them of their rights; such as…show more content…
In conclusion many people these days are concerned about what others do and this leads to less freedom, more conformity, and close-mindedness. As the government mold us into mindless sheep, we slowly lose the power given to us by our forefathers in order to protect ourselves from the government. As ignorant people remain close minded, those who are open minded cannot take action to prevent close minded laws and policies. Hypocritical people teach children there are no other options besides the accepted ideas of the masses, creating more hypocritical and ignorant adults for futures to come. Over time the government will gain control of rights that belong to the people, and the people will be too ignorant of their rights to
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