Igor Primoratz's Argument For The Death Penalty

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Igor Primoratz sets forth an argument that to ensure justice in the legal system the utilization of capital punishment is necessary. According to Primoratz there is no punishment of any equivalence to that of murder, whereas for less severe crimes fines and prison time is reasonable. Primoratz argument consists of three defences to common feedback to the action of capital punishment. The one that was most appealing to me being whether it violates the right to life. To this he responds that when the took the life of another human they lost this right; as these right are only given to those who respect the rights of others. This seems absolutely obvious, but can it really be that simple?
This argument is set up in such a way as to elaborate his reasoning for being an advocate for the death penalty. He takes the opportunity to take the common arguments against capital punishment and use them to build a case explaining why capital punishment is necessary. He was able to do this through the
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This concept is similar to stealing a candy bar from a convenient store then feeling guilty and the breaking and entering the same store when it is closed to put it back. Neither murder nor putting other to death is morally right. Understandably the fact of having cereal killers off this planet for good is no inconvenience for us but who are we to decide when another human is to die. This argument also refuses touch on the scenarios of war, self-defence, and abortion. These are all instances that can be considered murder and according to Primoratz murder is murder and that is an inexcusable offence. But we do not put our most honorable war veterans to death for the “murders” they have committed. With that how can this idea of death penalty for all who murder be put into action effectively if not used in all cases. According to Primoratz there is no excuse or reason to permit a murderer of

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