Ikea Case Study

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ABOUT IKEA (IKEA: Wikipedia) IKEA was formed in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad. Since then, IKEA has grown expanding its stores across the world, selling not only furnishing products for home, the company also deals into: • Family mobile • Restaurants • Flats and houses • Manufacturing a. Household products b. Furniture IKEA GROUP AT A GLANCE Total sales: EUR 28.7 billion Stores: 315 stores in 27 countries with 716 million visits Products: 9,500* Co-workers: 135,000* IKEA Food: 1.4 billion EUR yearly turnover* Suppliers: 1,046 home furnishing suppliers in 52 countries* PURPOSE OF THE STUDY The purpose of this report is to know the working conditions at IKEA in Canada. The research also focus on finding the company’s employee retention techniques and how well the new and existing employees are trained with an ever so increasing growth in them and the company was an important task to conduct so as to know if the students can work in those conditions or not and what are the growth possibilities. SCOPE OF THE STUDY This study covers all aspects of employee training and development programs in IKEA. This study also covers the various benefits given to employees for the purpose of employee retention. The impact of IKEA’s training and development programs on employees will also be addressed in this report. INTRODUCTION TO THE COMPANY… IKEA is a value driven company with an aim of making home a better place to live in. The company’s vision is to provide people a better

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