Ikea Human Resource Management Case Study

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IKEA’s vision was “To Create a Better Everyday Life for The Many People”. ‘People’ includes employees as well. The company believes that employees were more productive and committed when the company took care of them and their needs. As recruitment and selection is one of the core activities of Human Resource planning, IKEA management understands the importance of acquiring, engaging and retaining employees and customers in order to grow their business through sustainability. Therefore, IKEA has focused at recruiting and selecting new employees that share similar values and beliefs so that there is no problem in integrating into the corporate culture of the company and facilitate the process of achieving the goals of the company.
IKEA has a policy of hiring based on values and cultural fit rather than skill and experience. The company also focus on value such as enthusiasm and togetherness, persistence and humbleness, ready to take responsibilities and accepting challenges from day one. IKEA also started a recruitment campaign in Australia called ‘Assemble Your Future’ which creates a recruiting pamphlet in the form of furniture assembly instruction manual and distribute them within IKEA’s products. As a result, 4285 applications were filled with 280 of those hired, all the while the project incurred no cost of its own.
IKEA has also promoted the policy of hiring within, where they developed an “OPEN IKEA” system where jobs are open

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