Ileano Reyes Research Paper

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My father is a doctor and my mother is a teacher and they are very much in love. My parents had been married for two years when the had decided they wanted to come to Miami. They thought it very long and hard when making the decision. But they wanted growth and a place to start a family. So Dominigo Reyes (father) spoke to his wife Ileana Reyes (mother) and explained how he could study for his boards and become a doctor in the United States. Domingo was a very smart man so he knew all he would need to do is learn how to speak and write proper English. Ileana knew that her husband would be able to be success because he is just that type of person. But she was enjoying life in the Dominican Republic. She was a pre- kinder teacher and she was loving life. Yet she still knew that she didn’t want to start a family on the island. After a couple weeks she decided to talk to her younger sister that is going to school in the United States. Sugey her sister said that she should come to the USA because life there is full of opportunity and with husband who is a doctor the options are endless.…show more content…
Ileana said she would love to go to the USA, but only if its to Miami, because she wanted that island feel. His answer to his wife was “what ever you want my love”. So he began to search for places to live as well as work. While they started the search he began taking English classes because he would need to know English to get a
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