Ileostomy Surgery Informative Speech

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Ileostomy Surgery

Ileostomy surgery redirects part of the small intestine (ileum) to an external opening (stoma) in the abdomen. This means that waste is passed through the stoma, instead of passing through the rest of the intestines and the rectum (bowel). The stoma may have a valve and a tube (catheter) to pass waste, and there may be an external pouch (ostomy pouch) attached to the stoma to collect waste. This procedure may be necessary when the bowel is diseased or partially removed. It can be temporary or permanent, and there are several types of ileostomy surgery.

• Any allergies you have.
• All medicines you are taking, including vitamins, herbs, eye drops, creams, and over-the-counter medicines. …show more content…

You may also be given a medicine to help you relax (sedative).
• The surgeon will make a large cut (incision) or several small incisions in your abdomen. The exact location and size of the incision varies.
• The procedure will vary depending on which type of ileostomy surgery you are having. The 3 main types of ileostomy surgery are: o Loop ileostomy. A partial incision will be made in the ileum so that there is an opening in the ileum. This opening will be stitched to the skin around your abdomen incision to make the stoma. This type of procedure is often temporary. o End ileostomy. An incision will be made in the ileum so that it is divided into two separate parts. One end of the ileum will be stitched to your abdomen around your incision to make the stoma. o Continent ileostomy. An internal “pouch” is made from part of your ileum. A partial incision will be made in the ileum, and the ileum will be folded back on itself to form a pouch inside your body. This pouch will be connected to your stoma through a valve and a catheter used to drain waste.
• Your stoma and any other incisions will be covered with bandages (dressing). If you had a loop ileostomy or an end ileostomy, an ostomy pouch will be attached to your

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