Iliad And Beowulf Comparison Essay

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The two stories the Iliad and Beowulf are two stories that are very similar but also very dissimilar in many ways. They both have two essential heroes. Achilles is the protagonist from the story Iliad. He has any positive traits. He is noble, and a very resilient warrior. Achilles displays his ability to be noble when he combats Hector do the death to avenge his brother’s death. This shows the ability to be noble because the fact that he avenged his brother shows that he is a very loyal person. His ability to be a great warrior is shown when he battles Hector to the death. Achilles gets stabbed in the armor by a spear and he still managed to kill Hector by a fatal Thrust of his sword to Hectors throat. One of Beowulf’s great traits is to be an outstanding fighter. His fighting skills are demonstrated when he battles Grendel the main villain in the story. Grendel was deemed to be almost unbeatable by man because the monster would ravish anyone who is on its way and Beowulf manages to defeat Grendel and do what Everyone deemed impossible. Beowulf also displays great bravery. His braveness is displayed just by the fact that he was willing to face Grendel the unbeatable monster. Everyone was scared of this monster beside Beowulf himself, he took the beast…show more content…
They both share the traits of bravery and the traits of being a great warrior. They both are both boundless warriors because Achilles was deemed almost impossible to kill and he was known to kill any foe that dared to face him, Beowulf defeated the beast Grendel and that shows his ability to be a prosperous warrior because no one thought it was possible to bring Grendel down. Achilles is brave because he goes out and kills the Kings Son Hector, and that is very brave because obviously if you kill a king's son, there will be consequences. Beowulf is very courageous because of the fact that he went out and he faced Grendel the most dreaded monsters known to his
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