Iliad And Inferno Analysis

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Almost every culture or religion has describe about underworld or hell. Every human believe there is a hell and heaven. On the other hand, we can say the afterlife residents for souls. Nobody, don’t know what hell looks like. Nobody have experienced or seen the underworld but have a believe there is a hell. The Italian poet Dante successfully able to describe the nine circles of the hell throughout his poem call “Inferno”. Many of the concept about the underworld represented by Greek and Latin poems. Also, those poems are still believed today. The Greek author Homer wrote an epic poem call “Iliad”. Iliad and Inferno do not have similar background. Iliad is what tell audience about some significant events happened during the last year of Trojan…show more content…
Dane successfully explores the hell, the place in which sinners reside after they die. So, according to Dante there are nine circles in the hell. In each level represent people misbehave. As I mention earlier Dante places some immoral character in poem Inferno. He is trying to give an example for audience there is time for pay back whatever you have done in the past. So, in the second level of hell Dante prove by placing Helen and Paris. That is the level of represent people who were overcome by lust. Helen and Paris are famous characters in Iliad but they had a greedy behaviors. Because of their behaviors Dante is trying to show readers how they will get punish when they reach to the underworld. The author emphasis “And as the winds of starlings bear them on in the cold season…it hither, thither, downward, upward, drives them….”(Inferno line 40-49). Author use heavy winds to punish them by being blown violently back and forth by strong winds, preventing them to find peace and rest. Strong winds symbolize the restlessness of a person who les by desire for fleshly pressure. All in all we understood how Dante emphasis punishment for people who cheat each other’s. However, the inferno by Dante portrayed some significant themes as well. The first theme he is trying to show up is man and the natural world. We have to keep in our mind the inferno is what give us imagination about the hell. The violent, especially those who have sinned against nature, demonstrate in the image of
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