Iliad And Odyssey Analysis

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Odyssey is a long journey full of adventures while Iliad is a series of miseries and disastrous events.Illiad is intellectual and realistic while odyssey is romantic and prototype.Illiad is described in a very serious way and depicts serious story while Odyssey is adventurous story perhaps greatest in literature. The characters in Iliad aristocratic warrior priests and gods while in Odyssey characters are crossection of Mycenaean world.Agememnon was responsible for plague because he refused to return the prize the daughter of Chryses.For sake of relief of plague Agamemnon decides to take someone else’s prize. It was threatened to take Achilles grand which makes the destructive anger of Achilles sing hisgeria ,brieses was seized and Achilles refused to fight.Achiles rage kindled against Agememnon.Because he received his time from Zeus powerful of all gods, remain neutral throughout the conflict so didn’t care what others think. Upon hearing about the death of his companion Patroclus, Achilles attacks the Trojan forces and kills the hector. When Hector father meets Achilles , they celebrate the mutual respect for the lives lost and for each other they make peace.
Some of similarities beweeen odyssey nd illiad. SIMILARITIES The illiad and ODYSSEY compliment eachother by telling two different stories that both give insight into Trojan war,Trojan horse ,the funeral of Achilles and the return of MENELAUs and helen to Sparta.bOth revolves
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