Female Characters In The Iliad

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Introduction The course of literature, though it continues to modernize and move forward as us, it is still a reflection and culmination of history. Relics of the past still linger and in one way or another in literature, Greek literature being one of the prominent relics that were used in historical literatures and are still being used today. Many of the modern age literature burrowed plot devices, concepts and archetypes from the Greeks. Even in movies and television series, there are various themes that refer to great epics like Iliad or Odyssey. One of the more uncommon example which will be thoroughly discuss in this paper is the reference of the female characters from the Greek epics, The Iliad, specifically their various traits, relations with male and…show more content…
She reflects on her actions in books three and six, and she concludes the lament for Hector at the end of the Iliad. THETIS: a sea goddess, wife of the warrior, Peleus, and divine mother of Achilles. She foretold Achilles' fate, intervened with Zeus on his behalf (bk. 1), mourned the death of Patrocolus (bk. 18), and brought her son divine armour made by the god, Hephaestus The Bold and The Beautiful is the story around the Forrester family and their luxurious fashion enterprise, Forrester Creations. All is well until deep secrets are suddenly brought out, affair form, betrayals as well as new relationships form. It’s a soap opera that shows the characters initial portrayed as stoic and flat until eventually due to series of events, become involve with the main characters and become part of the chaos of the families. Females in this soap hold importance in the development of the plot of the series which has been running for 27 year up until the present. Important female characters
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