Ill Made Knight Lancelot Character Analysis

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Problematic Love Throughout the Ill-Made Knight, Lancelot is exposed to the difficulties and obstacles of love within simple and complex relationships. White examines different types of love within Lancelot’s relationships with Arthur, God, Elaine, and Guenevere. He shows Lancelot’s efforts to please others and his internal struggle because of it. T.H. White highlights the problems of love and how it can destroy one’s view of themselves and cause them to make irrational decisions. White explores Lancelot’s self-hatred and moral dilemmas to show how love can influence an individual’s thoughts and actions. In the Ill-Made Knight the love in friendships, one’s moral values, and romantic love are examined and ultimately shows the abstract and…show more content…
As the novel goes on, Arthur and Lancelot form a close bond and soon form a trust between one another. Arthur distills such a great trust and support for Lancelot that he makes him a knight at the Round Table. The idea of Philos love is shown through their close friendship and mutual love. Although Lancelot loves Arthur, he betrays him by having an affair with his wife, which destroys the trust in their relationship. Arthur is aware of Lancelot’s dishonesty and doesn't make an overbearing effort to confort Lancelot about the affair. The weakening of the two friends’ relationship leads Lancelot to feel guilt for weakening the friendship, and leads to him asking Guinevere if they should tell Arthur. He tells Guinevere INSERT QUOTE. White shows this mistrust because it how temptation to do wrong can result in the destruction of friendships. Lancelot and Arthur both know that their trust and faith in one another has been broken, but they continue to deny that they have permanently damaged their friendship. Their relationship represents more than the struggle to maintain a strong friendship. It symbolizes the human desire to hold onto love and even though the foundation of trust and security is no longer there. Through the representation of Arthur and Lancelot’s friendship, White shows the purity of friendship and how it can be greatly influenced by other
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