Illano For Guadalupe Essay

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Option 1 What is the significance of the family’s having left the Illano for Guadalupe? How does the move represent the conflict between Antonio’s father and mother? “Understanding comes with life.” (22) Antonio’s father and mother conflict causes Gabriel to give up his lifestyle of being a Marez to move to a better place where his children can live and be kids. The significance of the move is elaborated by Marie devotion to the catechism. She deeply loves the Virgin de Guadalupe maybe it is because of her name. Gabriel sacrificed his deep love of the Illano to move to Guadalupe. And this is why Gabriel is a descendant of the Marez family which are conquistadors who found the Aztec nation, or vaqueros who love to explore the Illano. Gabriel is a Marez which means his blood runs for explore like the restless sea.…show more content…
“My father had been a vaquero all his life,” (2). Gabriel only knew how to be a vaquero and did not want to give up his lifestyle until Antonio came into the world then he and Marie decides that Gabriel give up his lifestyle in exchange for finding better place to raise their family. But that did not mean Gabriel giving his dream to explore the Illano. “My father’s dream was to gather up his older sons and move westward to the land of the setting sun (14)”. The move and along with his older sons going to war made Gabriel sad and fearful of not accomplish his dream so he soon found hope in liquor to wash away the pain but it only fueled his rage. “My father was not a strong believer in religion (29).” Gabriel drinking made himself irritable which causes him to mock Marie’s religious beliefs. “Their blood and their ways had kept them at odds, and yet for all this, we were happy (29)”. Even Gabriel and Marie are the complete opposite of each other that is why their relationship has last soon because of the love that the family shares for one
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