Illegal Immigrant Vs Illegal Immigration Research Paper

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IMMIGRATION vs. ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS Immigration is a topic that has been at the center of debate for many decades. The majority of those residing in the United States today are immigrants. These immigrants are often classified within two categories; immigrants and illegal immigrants. An immigrant is a person who migrated to another country usually for permanent residence. An illegal immigrant is an alien who has entered without permission or stayed beyond the termination date of a visa. The decision made by these individuals to migrate and leave their home countries is in search of a better future. There are others who flee in fear of their safety. Among these individuals, we have the DREAMers. These are the children of the illegal immigrants who came to the country before the age of 16. The illegal immigrants, both parents and children live in constant fear. Being in a country undocumented, and never truly living in peace. One of the greatest fears faced by the immigrants is deportation. The thought of possibly being sent back to a country they escaped creates a feeling of constant unrest.…show more content…
We need to do better and reach a resolution to fix the system. The Immigration Reform which would change the current immigration policy remains in limbo. We’ve seen in recent years the implementation of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, most commonly known as DACA. This program was implemented to help illegal immigrants of any age who entered the United States continuously since January 1, 2010. With there being limited options for many illegal immigrants, we continue to see a rise in immigration fraud. Unfortunately, immigrants are constant victims of imposters posing as immigration attorneys. Paying thousands of dollars only to later find out nothing was ever done on their behalf. Some have also resulted to obtaining fake documents from these individuals in order to live a life in a way conducive to

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