Illegal Immigrants From Mexico

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Illegal immigration from Mexico is actually negative (Smith). More illegal immigrants are leaving the country to go to back to Mexico than are coming to the USA. In the early 2000’s the immigration boom from Mexico was upon us. By 2007, illegal immigration was at an all time high at an estimated 12 million people (Yen). Although many Americans feel that illegal immigrants should be deported, they should not be deported because they expose us to new cultures that we may have never experienced, most have been following our laws, and many illegal immigrants have family in the US.
Immigrants expose us to new cultures that we may have never experienced on our own. They bring their own unique style and tradition from their country of origin. For
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Most illegal immigrants have been living in the US for about a decade. This means that they not only probably have legal family in the US, but also a connection in the community. Anyone born in the US is a US citizen. This means that a lot of illegal immigrant families could have legal children, but illegal parents. This is not good as the parents could be deported at any time, leaving the children in some kind of care program. This tears families apart and can ruin the lives of many immigrant families. Many Americans say that if an illegal immigrant is deported and has a family, then they should just take their family with them. This ruins the point of coming to the US. They came to the US because they needed a new life. If they take their legal kids with them it is, in essence, deporting US citizens (Welch). Once a person has been deported, they have to wait years to even apply for a green card. It can take over a decade to get permanent residency…show more content…
Canadian provinces can also reject or accept any immigrant for any reason. They can directly control the amount of immigrants that come in and have no limits. If a province needs more workers, they can let more in. If a province just needs more residents, they can get more (Dalmia). This is a policy that the US should adopt. It would almost completely cut out illegal immigration as it would be so much easier for both the US government and the immigrant. It would relieve stress from the government over immigration as each individual state would be responsible for their own immigration. It would allow the government to focus on other more important matters. This would improve stability as states could bring in or deny any immigrants for any reasons. It would allow immigrants to go directly to their state of choice. It would also mean that each state has no limit to the amounts of immigrants it can bring in or keep out, while still maintaining a balanced population. We also need to reduce the wait time for green cards. It can currently take anywhere from seven to 22 years for unmarried adult children and family members of US citizens to acquire a green card based on their country of origin
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