Illegal Immigrants Should Be Able To Cross The Border

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Have you ever thought about why illegal immigrants are crossing the border, or crossed the border? In this passage we will be talking about why, we think that America should open the border to illegal immigrants for these three reasons. They had an extremely poor living area where they were. They could barely feed their family, and they couldn’t get jobs for money. They must have a reason for coming here and they are probably tired of the conditions they were living in. So, yes immigrants should be able to cross the border legally. The first reason they should be able to cross the border is because, before they even came to America from where they were before, they had very poor living areas. They had a lifestyle that no one should…show more content…
Of course they would want to flee the country. Also, to go to a country where there is plenty of food to feed their families would be ideal. Our question is, would we want illegal immigrants to nearly starve? At least we hope they wouldn’t want that to happen. The final reason we think illegal immigrants should be able to cross the border freely. They can’t get jobs to get money and buy food or the things they need to survive where they were before. If they can’t get jobs, then they have barely any food, rarely shelter, or money. Basically, there was nothing else there for them to live there anymore besides family. I’m sure you know one of things you need is a job. However, some argue that they shouldn’t be in America legally for these three reasons. First, they came here illegally without being assured they could come to America. Then, they took our jobs that some of us Americans may need. Finally, we wanted to live our “American Dream” and the immigrants are not american, so we wouldn’t be able to live that dream. However, we still believe they should still be able to cross the
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