Illegal Immigrants Should NOT Be Made Legal

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Anyone who has ever watched the news understands that there are 11 million illegal immigrants. Nevertheless, we have to do something about this. Everyday there are more and more immigrants coming into America. This means that 11 million will only be the start if don 't start to make them legal. This is not the first time we have had a problem with illegal immigration. This does not make it okay; we must do something and fast. Illegal immigrants must be made legal because there is no way to send 11 million immigrants back without the economy plummeting and creating mass chaos, and making these immigrants become legal will boost the tax revenue by $144 billion dollars.

Immigration has many perks for the economy. Nevertheless, it has its downfalls: 35% of those that are illegal are going to commit a crime, 50% of federal crimes that occurred happened near the border,
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The stock market will plummet by $1.4 trillion dollars. We would also lose 121,000 jobs every year. The illegal immigrants account for $832 billion dollar growth in the economy in the past year alone. They also account for $109 billion dollars just in taxes. They might not be legal but that does not mean that they haven 't an effect on you or me. Nevertheless, their tax money can only help our economy.

Illegal immigrants account for upwards of $114 billion dollars in taxes each year. Although they do not pay taxes on property or state taxes they do pay tax on everything the buy including their paychecks. Even though they have their downfalls they have greatly contributed to the United States. Yet, all we can think to do is deport them. This being the most idiotic idea ever; there are 11 million illegal immigrants you will waste more money and time trying to find them and send them back then you will making them legal. However, this is not a matter of intelligence, this is a matter of
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