Illegal Immigration And Human Rights Issues

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A human rights issue that is in my novel is immigration. And this issue relates to real life issues because this still affects people lives today who want to leave their home for a chance to a better life. Many people dislike immigrants because they take their jobs and are willing to get paid less. This affects people within the U.S and other countries because people want to go places where there are better opportunities, but their choice could ruin a country economy because they can 't support them. Those people don 't have rights like we do because they are not here legally and if they tried to come legally it would take too long and they would have done it already if they had the finances. People dislike immigrants because they are willing to work for less and will take their jobs. People leave their homes for a better life, but it could cost them like if you wanted to go from Mexico to the united states you would have to travel by train and pay for a coyote to get you there while avoiding police and immigration authorities just to have a better chance at life.…show more content…
citizens of this country have launched a campaign against the dark-skinned people to try and create a border to keep them out. The police took a stand and put 2,000 police officers to guard the border", to make sure that no one was to cross the river and enter the country. police officers have been violating the human rights of immigrants in many ways. The police have said that they were treating them respectively and were not violating their rights. like what happened in Enrique 's journey where he was beaten then robed by the police and when he tried to tell on them the police deny the
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