Essay On Illegal Immigration Around The World

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Illegal Immigration around the world. This is an article of illegal immigration and immigration in general. There is almost nowhere in the world without immigrants, every places, countries, regions with a mixed culture. As we know, many citizens accepts it, but few have problems with it. What is Illegal immigration? The media refers to illegal immigration as an undocumented immigration. So what is illegal immigration actually? The answer for the question is that illegal immigration is an act of living without permission from the government. Every immigrations is mainly because they want to move from a poor to a richer country. However, illegal immigrants tend not to be the poorest within their population. (, u.d.) There a many reasons why people leave their home country. Immigrants are motivated to leave because of political issues, family re-unification, escaping conflict or natural disaster. Usually from countries with war or corruption to bigger countries like the USA and England or regions such as USA and Europe. In the old days,…show more content…
I think it is both positive and negative, an immigrant always accept the first job offer, but illegal immigrants can almost do whatever they want without the government knowing anything. For many years now, there have been many doubts about immigration, but now people moving into a country illegally. The results are population growth. Mostly illegal immigration are negative, this is because of the little investigation, and they do not have enough facts about the people fleeing across the border. This might cause rare diseases that immigrants bringing to the country. As a legal immigration thought, is a positive thing. They are usually from other countries with other cultures, and they will bring labor. Immigrants, as in the old days, works for money. They are much cheaper workers than mostly local people are, and they are more effective too.
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