Illegal Immigration Argumentative Essay

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You shouldn 't believe everything you hear on the news because there is always many different sides to a story. For example Trump has been planning to build a wall to prevent illegal immigration. He claims that illegal immigrants commit more crimes and take away jobs. In order to verify the truth of trump 's claims, You should always use multiple sources to make sure you don 't get a biased article. Are immigrants really taking americans jobs? according to the new york times and outside the beltway website the answer is no. a report published by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine says immigrants do not take American jobs. Hillary clinton says immigrants don 't take jobs they just contribute to the economy whether they are in the US legally or not, by providing labor for American employers and opening businesses that create jobs for Americans rather than taking them. A professor from cornell university named Francine D. Blau digged in more into this topic and found out that…show more content…
In my opinion i don 't think immigrants are criminals or rapist i also don 't believe we take jobs. I believe that America isn 't america without immigrants, we are a diverse country. America needs immigrants because with immigrants we can create a stronger economy because they bring the skills that they have to create a better place. I also would agree that some immigrants aren 't the best of people and they do commit crimes in the US but if it were to be an american committing a crime it wouldn 't be as bad because he 's american but if someone that isn 't american committing the crime it would be because he is “illegal”. Although it is proven that the illegal immigrants have a high risk of committing crimes americans have a higher rate than illegal immigrants. I don 't think a wall is going to stop the problems that are blamed on immigrants they 're still going to be job issues, people will continue committing crimes now without the immigrants they will be no
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