Illegal Immigration Benefits

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One needs to understand how the overarching question “is today’s immigration a blessing or a curse?” existed in the first place. This question is partially referring to an impact—potentially positive or negative—that illegal immigrants are creating in the American economy. The question also concerns the their influence in the American society. Undocumented immigrants have a significant impact on the economy, which can be perceived under two different lights. People in favor of immigration would believe that “[i]mmigration has been an engine of economic dynamism and a wellspring of economic vitality in the United States....The diversity of skills [immigrants] infuse into the economy yields dividends that no other country can claim.” Immigrants…show more content…
“The costs for education, medical care, incarceration, and other services far outweigh whatever tax contributions low-skilled illegal immigrants may make.” To sustain an illegal immigrant’s “Social Security, Medicare, and other social service benefits...would cost taxpayers $17,000.” Critics believe that this sum of money would be more beneficial if it was allocated to United States citizens. In order to reduce government spending on illegal immigrants, opposers proposed that there must be a certain limit as to how many immigrants are permitted to enter the country, so fewer people will overstay the country. If more unauthorized immigrants reside in the United States, many are afraid that the country’s staggering national debt of $16 trillion will increase. Especially since many people believe that the economy is not doing well, the hysteria will only galvanize anti-immigration movements. In the educational realm, opposers think that sustaining undocumented students is putting students who are citizens or permanent resident at a disadvantage. Many undocumented students are taking AP classes, and schools are giving them as many resources as other students. Although undocumented students are not qualified for federal aid—like FAFSA and Pell Grant—many are given partial or full ride scholarships to colleges, and it is not uncommon that these colleges are top-tier. Many argue that undocumented students are stealing seats that only citizens or permanent residents deserve. Judging based on the fundamental arguments of the people who are in favor of and people who are against undocumented immigrants, it is clear why the Congress has not reached a consensus on creating the optimal immigration
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