Essay On The Causes Of Illegal Immigration

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Causes of Illegal Immigration According to Fox News, they found that many lawbreakings made by the illegal immigrants;13.6 percent of those punished for all committed crimes in the country,12 percent of murder judgments, and 16 percent of operating sentences. Evidence shows that undocumented immigrants are much possible to commit crimes than other people. Fox news makes a study shows that unlawful migrants are likely to be sentenced for a murder three times more than the citizen. As an outcome, all the government is working hard to stop illegal immigration to avoid its negative results. Unlawful settlement can root plenty of negative effects on the immigrants its self. They would be homeless because they may not have the enough amount…show more content…
In other words, the country is in a battle. Off course, during the wars happens many political problems that ensue several problems its result is to immigrate illegally because during this period there is no a leader takes over people needs. Consequently, civilians will at a higher risk because their homes may be destroyed and they cannot receive enough quantity of food for a long period of time. Unfortunately, some countries do not allow the war displaced to enter their country. Moreover, the citizen of the country that expression a war their passport will not be valid anymore to use. Therefore, they cannot use it in the airport and do their visa as well. As a result, people choose to escape their illegally to stay far from shooting, explosions and polluted weather. The most current example of illegal immigration is the going from Mexico to America because of the civil wars and gangs in Mexico which have given rise to displacement of thousands of Mexicans. According to Rmkc (2010), in “The Causes of Illegal Immigration” many people are provoked to leakage from wars, especially the civilians to avoid recurrent misuse, intimidation, domination, and killing, and hazards to civilians during the war. Political purposes traditionally motivate immigrant
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