Illegal Immigration Effects

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Effects of illegal immigrants on local people The world that everyone lives has many different societies, and some are more developed than others, so it creates a difference in these societies. The main purpose of the human while they survive is to find the best thing for their lives. They will do any possible things in order to get the better lives even it is an illegal. One of the major illegal things that occur worldwide is illegal immigrants, which are people who migrate from their origins to other countries without any permission. In my opinion, illegal immigrants have overall negative impacts on standard of living of local people. Most of the illegal immigrants are poor people who are under pressure from their societies.…show more content…
It costs United States taxpayers about $113 billion per year at the federal, state and local level; as a result, states and local governments absorb the bulk of the costs approximate $84 billion (The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on U.S. Taxpayers, 2011). It is a huge amount of money that can affect education systems because it is a part of education funding that supports local students educations such as scholarships and learning materials. When a government loses that money from illegal immigrants, the students will either lose their chances to get scholarships, and the education sources such as libraries and technologies for learning will not able to develop because of lack of money. In fact, the less quality of education systems affects students that they will have low performance. Moreover, it also has negative impacts on social services. For example, it decreases the standard of transportation because of illegal immigrants who do not have the knowledge about the traffic rules and do not have driver’s licenses (Hook, 2002). It can increase mortality rate because of the accidences on the streets. Another fact is illegal immigrants cost U.S. governments about 1.4 billion a year on health cares (Wolf, 2008). It is a huge amount of money that U.S. has to put on illegal people instead of using it for developing the country, and it also cause lack of medical equipments and doctors because of a high number of patients. In addition, illegal immigrants can destroy the environments of local countries. Increasing of population means increasing of waste in the countries because “the accumulation of disintegrating toilet paper, human feces, and rotting food has become a health and safety issue for residents of and visitors to some of these areas, and is
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