Illegal Immigration In America Essay

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Illegal aliens who come to America all want one thing: a higher standard of living and liberty. But the real question is; who pays the price of allowing illegal aliens to bathe in the freedom that is America? Americans do not mind sharing the American dream with different nationalities but the swarm of people has put a strain on the working class. The real problem is whether or not to deport illegal aliens who are fleeing their countries due to poverty or legalize them and risk a lower standard of living for Americans. Illegal immigrants pose a far greater negative impact on the American economy and punish taxpayers.
Illegal immigrants pay no taxes despite consuming American products. This leads to a decrease in American tax revenue which is
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American children’s educations are being sacrificed for the education of the offspring of illegal immigrants. Once again, illegal immigrants enjoy a ‘free ride’ as their kids grow up as Americans.
Due to the cheapness of employing illegal immigrants for labor, many middle and low-class Americans may lose their jobs. Americans would be losing their jobs to uneducated illegal immigrants who have no knowledge of wage regulations and working conditions. This would lead to a higher rate of unemployment, decrease in provision of public services, increase in the consumption of controlled substances and overall a less educated work force.
Legalizing illegal aliens would make America to be in constant bilingual parley. This is unnecessary and many nations do not exist with bilingualism; they either balkanize or hate crimes are committed between the language groups. Bilingualism would disturb America’s usage of English as its main language and destabilize the society by even introducing bilingual education due to the growing population of illegal
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