Illegal Immigration In The United States

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Immigration plays an important role in the building and maintaining of a country. For the United States of America, immigration has provided the foundation that has led to a successful nation; furthermore, immigrants in the early years of the United States helped shape and create the nation we love today. Through the process of legal immigration, settlers were allowed to gain citizenship, and further contribute to the beloved nation. However, in previous decades the United States has encountered a problem regarding immigration that is too troubling to ignore: illegal immigration. Due to the raging debate over illegal immigration, I believe that it is necessary to further examine both sides; also, determine which values of government(freedom, order and equality) that it promotes and restricts. Illegal immigration is when people migrate over national borders in a way that violates the immigration laws of the destination country. I believe that illegal immigration promotes the freedom of the…show more content…
Moreover, they believe that illegal immigration poses no threat to the way of life of current citizens, and may actually help the country's economy. Furthermore, that illegal immigrants are willing to work all kinds of jobs. Meaning that, “When it comes to doing household chores, cleaning, feeding the pets and taking care of an adult in need of care and attention, an illegal immigrant can take on these types of jobs”(GreenGarageBlog). Therefore, the point is only valid if you make the assumption that Americans are too lazy, or do not want to work hard enough for the more tedious occupations. On the other hand, I believe that the illegal migration of another country’s citizens has a negative effect on the country unknowingly receiving all of the new immigrants. In contradiction to the opposing view, I confer that illegal immigration does pose a threat to the prosperity of the
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