Illegal Immigration Informative Essay

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Do you like immigration? Do you dislike immigration? How do you feel? But first, you may wonder, what is immigration? Immigration is a person who comes to the US from another country, usually someone who has permission to come in the US. Immigration can sometimes be good but also very bad. Today millions of immigrants are getting killed, beat up, or put in jail, for the color of their skin or what country they're from. The worst things you can think about is what’s happening to immigrants.
I feel that immigration is bad. I don’t think that people from other countries need to stay in their country. People that come to the US wants to killed us, hurt us, capture us and much more. I don’t want any of those things happening to me or my family.
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There are some immigrant workers that are getting fired. I hate that some of those immigrants have families that they love and care about, then they get separated. Or that people who have to work a lot for things so they can afford to eat, have shelter. I mean that’s all going away because of what they are. I’m still going to talk about like illegal immigrants and things like that subject. People who come into the US illegally have the majority of getting caught. That’s what I don’t understand like, if say you are coming from Africa and you come to the US, but you come in illegally and you get caught. Why don’t you not think before you come. We as the US have thousands and thousands of great soldiers. Wouldn’t you think you would get caught coming in. In California, Florida, New Jersey, Texas, New York, and Illinois have had 60% of unauthorized immigrants coming in from 2009 to 2012. That is a lot of immigrants coming in. Here is the thing, so people do not like immigrants. Some people probably do you like immigrants. But here’s the thing. If you truly do not like immigrants then put a stop to it. If you don’t do anything about and you don’t like immigrants then nothing is going to change. So if you want to don’t up for what you believe in, nothing is going to happen at
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