Illegal Immigration Persuasive Essay

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Do you live in California,Texas, Florida, New York, New Jersey, or Illinois? Well if you do these states contain 60% of the Illegal Immigrants In America. Illegal immigrants have become a problem in America. In 2007 there were 6.9 million illegal immigrants, but has recently declined since then.We do remove people from this country when they trespass and put them back in their home country.There is no doubt that we make illegal immigration fair and nicer by putting them back in their country and not holding them in jail or charging the thousands of dollars. We do give them a chance to come in legally it’s not like we completely block them out and don’t give them anymore options so they have to come in illegally.
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To prove that you obviously have to have a job but cnbc news states that 40% of the 8.5 million unemployed americans stopped looking for jobs. Those are all american citizens and the illegal immigrants have jobs and they get paid. They are taking money away from American citizens that are looking for jobs. The illegal immigrants are taking job spaces from American citizens. That is like then you were little and you had a really cool toy and you didn’t mind sharing it with your siblings but someone you aren’t good friends with comes and starts playing with your toy. The immigrants are taking away jobs from struggling American citizens.

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As you can see illegal immigration has become a big problem and has affected us in many ways. We don’t find illegal immigrants and hold them hostage in jail, We send them back we don’t even fine them. We give them a chance to come in legally and don’t just block them out. My final reason was that they take lots of jobs from unemployed Americans . I strongly believe illegal immigration is a big problem that needs to be resolved for the better of
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