Illegal Immigration Persuasive Speech

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Currently, there is an issue facing the nation of epic proportions. Illegal immigrants are invading our land, stealing our jobs, and wasting our tax money by way of government assistance. Their numbers are growing exponentially, and they no doubt wish to take over the country. There is a solution that is beneficial to us all. Initially you may be appalled by my proposal. Hear me out and listen to my logic, and you will undoubtedly support my position. The resolution is within reach. Albeit ghastly at first thought, enslavement is the answer. All low wage jobs should be transitioned to slave labor. Using slave labor will make goods and services cheaper. The return of affordable and profitable agriculture will be a potential reality. Issues raised about the family unit being broken and parents unable to stay at home to take care of children and other matters of the home will be solved. Slaves can …show more content…

After all they are criminals. It was not that long ago that our country had slaves. It was a prosperous time in our country. Like rescuing those slaves from Africa, we will be rescuing illegal immigrants from the horrors they are trying to escape. Look at how successful it was for African Americans! They are now fully incorporated into our culture with voting rights! Some make copious amounts of money in professional athletics. If we can do this again, we will be heroes throughout the world! If in 200 hundred years, they become assimilated and we can in turn offer them voting rights, after we have taught them how to act in our society, and where their place is, then they have paid their dues, and can become citizens of our fine country. For those criminals with bad intentions the desire of entering our country might be lessened knowing they will also lose their freedom. Only those willing to work for their stability will appreciate what we are doing for them. Helping them pull themselves up by their

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