Illegal Immigration Pros And Cons Essay

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Illegal immigration contributes to a richer culture and biodiversity. Illegal immigration can help the economy and government. Illegal immigrants can contribute to a richer culture and biodiversity, help the economy and government, but they may also cause crimes. Illegal immigration can contribute to an abundant culture and biological diversity. On 10 Critical Pros and Cons of Illegal Immigration, it states “Illegal immigrants work for cheaper labor and are often hard working people because they are saving money to bring back to their families.” Americans who have college degrees don’t want to work for cheap labor, but illegal immigrants are willing to because all they care about is earning money to get their families into this country. Businesses can increase production and reach their sales which are also good for the…show more content…
On and, both articles state “These people came illegally and should not be allowed to stay longer. They are in violation of the law because letting them stay will only encourage them to do other illegal doings.” When you let someone do something bad they will think they can do it again. So we shouldn’t let them just stay, they should try to do what they can to become American citizens. On and they both pretty much state “There are some who come to the U.S. to havoc fear and commit crimes like drug trafficking and illegal activities. There have also been reports of more than a hundred cases of crimes related to illegal immigrants.” By letting these illegal immigrants be here they are committing a crime. We need to let them know that if they stay, they need to become citizens who follow laws. If you let people do something illegal you don’t know what other illegal things they may do. Illegal immigrants need to know that they should make an effort to become citizens or at least not break
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