Illegal Immigration Pros And Cons

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Immigration when done right is a considerable concept. It allows diversity in the country gives us a means to understand other cultures and gives those people a safe and an excellent country to stay at. However, illegal immigration is not a favorable concept. It is a crime and people need to understand that. Illegal immigration into the U.S. is vast in scale. More than 10 million undocumented immigrants live in the U.S., and the population is growing by the year. On one hand, the presence of countless immigrants is powerful evidence of the appeal of America. On the other hand, it is a hint of how dangerously open our borders are. Typical illegal immigrants come to America, mainly for improved jobs, all the while adds value to the U.S. economy.…show more content…
In other words, the real problem given by illegal immigration is security, not the assumed threat to the economy. Illegal immigrants are in our country against the wishes of American citizens. They are breaking laws and taxpayers are forced to pay for their education, health care, increased infrastructure to handle their presence in the land, and increased costs in courts and prisons. And when American citizens need taxpayer resources, there are illegal immigrants filling the emergency rooms, classrooms, and courthouses. Although there are some pros for legal immigrants, immigration creates jobs. Much of the anti-immigration debate revolves around the idea that immigration gives society more people to take care of. But rarely do people realize that quite the opposite is true, immigrants create new populations of people who buy things. In the heavily commercialized country of the U.S., new arrivals need to buy food, rent an apartment, and spend money in their local economies in order to survive. This, in turn, makes small businesses grow, for which they often need to hire more people to serve their new found customers. Immigration makes us less globally isolated. Unlike people living in most European countries, Americans rarely travel
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