Illegal Immigration Satire Essay

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We are Mexico's dumping ground for their poor, uneducated and unskilled people. That makes us its social safety net. We bear the costs that Mexico should bear. Mexico's government actively encourages its disadvantaged people to immigrate to the United States, illegally or otherwise.

Closing the border with Mexico, or at least severely limiting the number of illegals who can cross it, should not have an adverse affect on trade. It should greatly reduce violence committed by illegal immigrants, curtail the flow of drugs, and reduce our welfare costs. According to some sources, one third of all the prison inmates in this country are illegal immigrants from Mexico.

Illegal immigrants from Mexico are hurting our schools, which already have many problems. Take any class in a grammar school. If there are 20 American kids who speak English and 10 Mexican kids who speak only Spanish, how is a teacher supposed to teach both groups? It's impossible! Even if a teacher is bi-lingual, he/she will have to repeat everything she says in the other language. That effectively cuts teaching time in half.

We deport Haitians who come here illegally all the time. Our wet foot/dry foot policy allows us to repatriate Cuban refugees if we …show more content…

But those people represent less than 3 percent of our illegal immigrants. Look instead at the construction industry, which has allowed illegal immigrants to displace American workers as carpenters, roofers, brick layers and painters. Americans WILL take those jobs, but the employers want illegal Mexicans because they work for lower wages, don't demand benefits, and often get paid under the table so they pay no income or payroll taxes. There has been a lot of talk about levying large fines against companies that employ illegal immigrants, but nothing has been

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