Illegal Immigration Satire Essay

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Every year illegal immigrants come into our country and with them they bring their children. Roughly a million children are brought here yearly as their parents seek better lives for their families. That’s where the United States struggles to enforce laws and kick them out because they’re young and most likely had no say in whether or not to enter our country. I sympathize for the kids no doubt, but the fact that they have entered the country illegally is unacceptable; for according to the rule of law, no person is above the law nor below it. According to the law, it is ILLEGAL to enter the United States without going through the process of naturalization. This is why I believe that illegal immigrants, whether man, woman, or child should be deported back to the country from which they came. In addition to children entering our country illegally, the U.S. is struggling with the definition of…show more content…
This is where the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act comes into play. The act offers a path toward citizenship for illegal immigrants who are minors if they have lived here for 5 years and either go and get a higher education or serve in the military for at least two years. People who support the bill suggest that “Passing the act would also reduce taxpayers’ burden of providing more social services to these potential wage earners, and it would create more taxpayers” (Fitz 1). In distinction to that thought, wouldn 't our taxpayers want those wage earning jobs instead of giving them up to illegal immigrants? Even though these are kids who had no choice in coming to the U.S. isn 't it the government 's duty to do what 's best for the people in this country first? If congress ever votes to pass this act not only would they do a woeful job at representing the people, but they’d be breaking the rule
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