Persuasive Essay On Illegal Immigration

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Illegal immigrants evidently have had the ability to leach off of the American government, due to Obamacare. Illegal immigration is without a doubt one of the most attention needing problems the United States faces. The adversity devised from the jobs that illegal immigrants have apprehended from US citizens is formidable. President Trump has promised that he will reform the immigration laws and following his presidential campaign promise, building a large wall that separates Mexico and The United States. Building the wall reassures the population that we are indeed safe, we are a powerful country and there is no free ride in the land of hope and possibility. According to The Federation for American Immigration Reform, FAIR,illegal immigrants…show more content…
With those numbers, 4.5% of the people who are using ACA are illegal immigrants, that is more than the percent of people in the US who are using Obamacare (3.5%). A great deal of people in the US are skeptical of our current elected president due to his jerkish, angry, and sometimes racist persona. I believe some of Donald Trump’s stances are way too extreme, the travel ban on Muslims being the most outrageous. As a searching for solace young person, I myself have contemplated the beauty of Islam, read parts of the Quran, and I was amazed. Had I decided to become a Muslim, would I too be deported from the country I was born in? If I chose to make the homage to the city of Mecca, would I be denied entrance to The US come my return? Donald Trump truly does have some egotistic problems, but the concept of building a wall on our Mexican border, really may be a good move for the US to make. As members of NAFTA, Mexico and the US are open to free trade and exportation within the markets. This power is very much abused by the nation of Mexico, as we supply far more goods to Mexico than the reciprocal. The relationship between the two nations is supposed to be give and take, yet for The US it seems to only be give and for Mexico take. On top of that, there are six states in the US that are predominantly the home of illegal immigrants. 59% of illegal…show more content…
Mexico obviously isn’t exactly for the wall due to the financial burden it would put on the country. On the other hand, if helped funded Mexico may see positives in the ability to increase border control. The United States for the most part really is advocating for building the wall. There are some parties, mostly on the liberal side that do not want the wall. There are some parties that believe anyone should be able to enter and occupy the country. The conservative side of America, who presides a majority in Congress may be the tipping point that actually passes a bill to build the wall. This wall will be a huge impact on the economy and the federal budget. If the wall is built then it will be extremely hard to enter the US illegally. The implications of this would be that jobs in the country would significantly overdriven by Americans who may be searching for jobs but unable to get one due to jobs held by illegal immigrants. This issue is without a doubt completely over race, Trump claims that Mexicans are stealing jobs Americans could have. Although he is correct, he is choosing a very extreme stance and that is why he is receiving ridicule. This problem has really divided the parties, most democrats are not in favor of the wall and believe that it would just be a huge financial inconvenience that we should not bestow upon ourselves or another

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