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Good morning everyone. Did you know about the illegal logging? Illegal logging is the human activity when a many trees will be cutting down for their own greedy . The main purpose to logging is to gain economics resources for example is furniture and herbs. Corruption in government are the reason why illegal logging are too much happen in our country. In my opinion, I strongly believe that illegal logging should be stop because of three reasons. The three reasons is environment pollution, biodiversity disturbing and flood will be happen. First, it will be damage the environment especially global warming. The function of tree is can be a carbon sink because of the tree can absorb the carbon dioxide that release by emission to atmosphere. When…show more content…
Forest are the animal shelter. When forest are destroyed, they are lose their living places. Therefore, they need to migrate to another places to continue living. According on article “The Effect of Illegal Logging” from, illegal logging generally focuses on high-value species and results in a selective clearing of certain species. These are often large, long lived, seed producing trees. As a result of this selective illegal logging certain endemic species are depleted from forests. This is now the case in most of Kalimantan’s remaining forests. This loss of certain structural, habitat, and seed source elements leave forests less stable and productive. Although these species may not be fruit or food producing sources for orangutans they are important as nest trees and provide linkages within the upper canopy where orangutans move. But, they are not harm the wildlife only also harming the natives especially Penan communities in Sarawak. They claim that illegal logging has contaminated rivers causing pollution and illness. Based on article from ABC.Net.Au, by author Reece Turners say again that they also claim that loss of their traditional forested land has caused loss of game and medicines causing hunger and sickness. What I can say that this illegal logging activies are not humanity due to seize the human

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