Illegal Immigrants: The Role Of Human Migration In Mexico

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As national geographic stated human migration is the moving of people from a place in the world to another, therefore these events take place because of political and/or social reasons. Immigrants are people that go into a country to take residence, Emigrants on the other hand are people that are leaving a country to occupy in another. The largest source of illegal immigrants in Mexico comes from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras; since1970’s illegal migration has become a bigger problem, subsequently how does Mexico is one of the most dangerous places for migration will be analyzed next. Insecurity revolving immigrants and emigrants throughout Mexico, according to Rios (2013) stated that Mexicans are migrating because of fear of the drug-related “war” that the government has been dealing…show more content…
One of the effects of being an illegal migrant is that with less education, there are less opportunities of working for higher ranks than the ones they were working in Mexico but their dreams are of a better life if not for them but for their families. Mexican insecurity can cause a big problem to migrants this type of insecurity relates much to them because they are the ones that get to sell drugs because of the need of an income and they usually make everything to survive one more day. The government usually helps the migrants when they have papers but when they don’t they deport them or they get them in jail, it is very easy for an illegal migrant to get in trouble with the law because they get along with bad people therefore that is why they are many risks for migrants once they leave their original

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