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Illiana Christian High School has been providing students with a Christ-centered education for a long time. In fact, students that currently attend Illiana have grandparents that also attended Illiana. Over time, Illiana Christian High School has changed in many ways. At the same time, Illiana has stayed the same throughout the years. Illiana’s building, classes, and dress code are very different from the early 70’s, but its discipline policies and after school activities are still very similar.
Considering the fact that Illiana Christian High School has been in the same building for nearly 70 years, it’s impressive that the school hasn’t completely fallen apart yet. The building is still virtually the same as it was in the 70’s, although the building itself was much smaller then than it is today. While Beverly Kramer attended, they needed to add on to the school. Mrs. Kramer said, “When I was there, we needed to add on to it because we had reached
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“One of my favorite parts of Illiana was hanging out with my friends and going to watch the basketball games or other sports events.” Mrs. Kramer stated. Attendance was high for the basketball games. Mrs. Kramer remembered, “For the away basketball games, they would hire a bus for the fans. It cost fifty cents to a dollar and you could sign up in the office. If there weren’t enough people who signed up, the bus wouldn’t go.” Today, many students attend the basketball games and sit in the student section called the Loud Crowd. Themed nights and worship afterwards attract students. Athletics at Illiana has always been a popular after school activity. “There was basketball, both girls and guys. There was baseball for the boys, and track and field for both girls and guys.” Mrs. Kramer said. Illiana has added to the sports selection, by including boys and girls volleyball, boys and girls tennis, cheerleading, wrestling, and boys and girls
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