Illicit Drug Trade

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The Illicit Drug Trade is one of the largest issues all around the world. A lot of effort goes into tackling illegal drugs, but there are some legal drugs that also affect people worldwide which are far more than dangerous illegal drugs, such as tobacco and alcohol (Shah 2008). Illicit drugs have significantly played a negative role in contemporary society. People who use illicit drugs to cost a large amount of money to support themselves due to their urge of illicit drugs.It is fact that, many families have broken, because some members of the families addicted to illicit drugs and spend untold number of wealth on using it. When it comes to the effects of government policy on illicit drug use, two countries, China and the USA will be discussed…show more content…
The Chinese government has always been the heated advocator of international cooperation of drug control. (China Enhances Efforts for "Drug-Free" World 2011) China has long history for illicit drug. Since 700 years before, drug had been trafficked into China. There are more than two billion people who addicted to illicit drug when new China was founded. Then anti-drug campaign was launched in China in 1950s. In 1980s, illicit drug came into China through the route from the Golden Triangle region. Drugs will result in some disease, such as HIV. So, the government stated in the "Regulations on Prohibition against Narcotics", including reduce demands for drug use, drug related crimes, and injection drug use. Due to China injected to the famous “Golden Triangle” which full of drugs trade. The State Council required local governments at or above the county level to organizes, coordinates and guides control activities in local areas (The Chinese government's response to drug use and HIV/AIDS: A review of policies and programs 2012). Ultimately, when China joined WTO in 2001, it means the illegal business of trafficking back into China. (The growing epidemic of illegal Drug use in China). Nowadays, the China government has significant progress in evolving the policy on drug abuse. This review have been successfully implemented in most cases and yielded positive effects in…show more content…
Both the two countries are put forward some policy on preventing the increasing usage of illicit drugs, however, they have made efforts on two different aspects. For China government, no illicit drugs are allowed in this country and the government has made significant progress in evolving the policy on drug abuse (The Chinese government's response to drug use and HIV/AIDS: A review of policies and programs 2012). Even though, many people in this country use illicit drugs, they are all illegal. In contrast, in the USA, people were allowed to use some kinds of illicit drugs in some particular states. Even though some states are not allowed to use it, there also high use rate for illicit drug. The highest is 12% and the use rate is 8.5% in average. (Illicit Drug Use (most recent) by state) The USA government proposed economic policy to improve the price of the drugs to reduce the use of illicit drugs (Pollack 2013). However, the illicit drug must be control not only for the two countries, but also for the whole world. Both the USA and China government have participated in the international meeting about the controlling of illicit

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