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Illinois River The Illinois river has a very interesting past, with everything from the Natives meeting the French to harvesting fish. The history of the Illinois River is very jam packed. The Illinois River is used for many things some important and some for fun.There is many all around uses for the river thought.The length and the location of the Illinois River is something not a lot of people know becuase the Mississippi is so close by and people focus on the Mississippi river more than the Illinois river. There is a lot of history behind the Illinois River that people do not know about. Some events that happened there are the Natives meeting the French in 1673 and people harvested freshwater fish from the Illinois river. In fact they harvested the second most fish behind only the Columbia river. The Illinois river also had some improvements done to it by river workers. The workers dredged and narrowed the river to make it easier to ship bulk commodities such as grain, coal, and petroleum. The workers also built levees and a pumping system in the 20th century . The river is formed by the joining of the Des Plaines and the Kankakee rivers, in Grundy county. The Illinois river is formed right by the towns of Kankakee and Dresden. The history…show more content…
The Illinois river is in three states, these states include Illinois, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Most people believe that the Illinois river is just in Illinois because of the name the Illinois river. Some of the land features that it goes through are mountains, forested areas, and grasslands. The Illinois river has some pretty unique land features though and some pretty cool geography as well. The length of the Illinois river is 273 miles long. The Illinois river is the fifth longest river in Illinois behind the Mississippi, the Ohio, the Wabash, and the Kaskaskia. The Illinois river is interesting in many

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