Illiteracy In Education

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Education is one of the most critical areas of empowerment as it enables one to think for themselves. It teaches us how to distinguish the difference between right and wrong and see the world with a different and better perspective. Unfortunately, there are countries where women are deprived of this essential human right and they suffer a lot because of their illiteracy. This happens mostly in developing nations where women are restricted by old traditions and backward mindsets, where there are extremist ideologies and where male gender constantly overshadows and restricts women.
Women are deprived of education in developing nations mainly because developing nations lack development. The school and educational facilities does not meet the standards required. Terrorism in most of the developing nations is one obstacle which halts women from leaving their homes for getting education. Male dominance and gender inequality is the biggest issue faced by the women of developing nations. Illiteracy is one of the main reasons which is affecting the progress of these developing nations.
Countries like China and America have a high literacy rate and are leading countries of the world. Whereas, developing countries such as Pakistan, India and Afghanistan face serious crisis because of an illiterate population mainly consisting of women. Despite continuing progress, girls and women continue to face discrimination against in educational field. 57 million children worldwide, including 31
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