Ilo Jialee Character Analysis

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Introduction This paper will discuss the character Jiale from the film Ilo Ilo (Chen, 2013). Jiale is a troublesome grade-schooler. In 1997 when Singapore was hit by Asia financial crisis and the economy was tanking, people feared losing theirs jobs (Goldstein, 1998). Jiale’s father, Heck, and his mother, Leng, were the overstressed parents. Heck was a salesman who failed to demonstrate the “unbreakable” glass leading to the loss of confidence and trust towards him. Whereas, Leng was short-tempered and distracted as seen by her attitude towards her son, which may be because of ongoing retrenchments at her workplace. Jiale’s parents have decided to hire a live-in maid, Teresa, for childcare and general domestic duties. The new change in the family, along with the fact…show more content…
His idyllic world has been disrupted. He was no longer the absolutely only object of his parents’ love and attention (Bowlby, 1969. Nuture attachment theory). Once he realized he was not the center of the universe, he could have hard time processing his feelings, because his jealousy makes him feel silly, or ashamed or guilty. If a child is more narcissistic, egocentric, or just plain spoiled, this may affect his reaction to a new baby. Lack of affections and attentions from his mother can lead to conflicts and difficulty to move forward, and sometimes can be critical. Her pregnancy can lead him to feel insecure because of his attachment to his mother, the threat of having her attention taken away to be given to the new baby, causes him to react and behave negatively. This is a typical response of many children who face the threat of a new sibling – one study found that 92% of mothers reported an increase in behavioural problems in their children due to the arrival of their new sibling (Vandell,
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