King Hamlet Quote Analysis

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The illusion of death has wondered and astonished many for years. This doesn 't exclude the fantastic author Shakespeare. Throughout the play, Shakespeare focuses on death and how society glorifies it. He often uses metaphor and analogy in order to make death seem more welcoming. Turmoil and confusion can internally destroy any country. The Kingdom of Denmark had just suffered the death of a great King and leader. King Hamlet was a father to the people of Denmark. Some of the citizens fully believed that Hamlet Jr. should be king because it passed down the lineage. Others believed that Claudius should be king because he was the brother of Hamlet and now the husband of Queen Gertrude. King Claudius says, "This ough yet of Hamlet our dear brother 's death The memory be green, and that it us befitted To bear our hearts in grief, and our…show more content…
The Ghost says," a serpent stung me says the whole ear of Denmark... The serpent that did sting thy fathers life now wears his crown"(1.5.43-44, 46-47). The Ghost talks about how the country of Denmark had been fed a twisted story of the truth. A metaphor can be found in the second part of the quote. Ghost Hamlet compared Claudius to a snake because of his lying and deceitfulness. Lying and deceitfulness play a role throughout the whole play. There are many times when spying and lying are used to get their way. Lying contributes to the reason of many characters death and secrets.
To set the scene for the play, Francisco has was on guard on top of the castle. When it was time for the changeover, he shouted, " Stand, ho!- Who 's there?"(1.1.15). Horatio responded, "Friends to this ground"(1.1.16.) Marcellus, then, called out "And liegemen to the Dane" (1.1.17.) Do too many ideas of who the king should be, it 's not clear to whom they are loyal. Later in the play, Horatio reveals his loyalty to Hamlet, but it is not clear the stance of
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