Illusion Vs Reality In The Great Gatsby

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Everybody has to go through life, through ups and downs and everything. While going through life routines and shortcuts start to develop and the lines between illusion and reality become blurred. But, when a new struggle comes up, which can't be easily crossed then you might create a fake reality. Whether you yearn for the past and are remembering it to be better than it actually was or a whole different reality is what stays in the mind of many characters in the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby. One of the most blatant illusion examples that is seen as reality in The Great Gatsby involves the main character actually; Mr. Gatsby himself. James Gatz or Jay Gatsby, what most people know him as is a rich man hailing from a very…show more content…
Tj Eckleburg sign sign symbolized the eyes of God that always watched them but wouldn't interfere. Dr. Tj Eckleburg is a billboard advertising eyeglasses that has two giant eyes and basically nothing else that symbolizes the eyes of God . George is a very poor man that's middle aged that runs a gas station and is a mechanic that's married to his broke cheating wife, Myrtle Wilson. Mr. Wilson finds out his wife is cheating, then he found her body dismantled from a little car kerfuffle. Mr.Wilson then becomes despondent and stops caring about basically everything. When he tries to find peace in himself, he goes to his illusion of God, Dr. T.J.…show more content…
Whether or not it came from the society they lived in at the time or just the era of the 1920ś which was a time of excess with little repercussion at least for the remainder of the decade.The illusions that people saw in the book arent super far fetched since you're not in on it it's easy to look down upon it.. As the characters turned their own fiction and false realities into their own reality these people created a life of sadness and despair that they had no way of getting out of. Overall The Great Gatsby is a story about human nature with a couple twists and turns in it to make it interesting, and with that human nature it showed how power and money could corrupt somebody to the point they're not even living on the same planet as the rest of everybody. The 1920's was an era of excess namely people like Tom and Daisy or the old money team but it also gave rise for lots of new money to come up like Gatsby but it wasn't good for everybody in the era like Mr.Wilson and everybody in the valley of ashes who could barely sustain themselves. At the end of the book when everything kind of unraveled with Myrtle getting disassembled and Gatsby being shot with basically their illusions being shown for what they really are or maybe even the great depression coming and showing
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